“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”
― Rumi

Outside my kitchen a fairly large garden spider (pictured above) wove a web the size of the window it attaches to. This has provided me with an up-close view of nature, as I’ve gotten to see her in detail attend to the needs of her web, catch and eat insects, and live a good spider life.

I named her Gracie, and would text my boyfriend updates on her status (he shares my appreciation for her presence). A few nights ago I texted him:

“Gracie’s hurt. Her web’s in bad shape and her legs look weird/not okay. She could be dying.”

I said dying as a way of holding on to hope, because it looked likely she was already dead. She’d evidently tangled with something stronger than her and lost.

The next day I found she’d retreated to her usual hiding space – the upper part of the window sill – for the day which was a good sign: it meant she was still alive. That night though, she didn’t come out. It’s the habit of garden spiders to hide during the day and come out around sunset to repair their web. Then they remain out catching insects through the night.

By eleven that night though, Gracie was still tucked away and I could see her legs were at odd angles. I thought it couldn’t hurt to do energy work on her and I found my hands easily tapped into her needs.

I was able to read her as I do my clients, naming what had happened to traumatize her body (a wasp got her), where exactly she was hurt (the main damage was on her right side), and to apply energetically what was needed to repair it. After about fifteen minutes I said, “I think she’s better now.”

The exact second I said the words Gracie came racing out of her hiding space and went to speedy work repairing her web. She looked as healthy as ever, without any sign of her once grievous injury.

In shock I said, “Did that really just happen?”

Preferring to show not tell, I’ve devoted my blog to giving useful insights about life that make it easier. This in effect emphasizes the “insights” but not the “body” nature of my business. The incident with Gracie reminded me of just how real and potent the bodywork I do is, and that it’s not a fluke people who see me have been able to take a full breath for the first time in 20 years, or have chronic injuries disappear in just one or two sessions.

I don’t just work on the physical when I do healing. I tap into a deeper level – where things are rooted – and respond attentively to what’s needed. Because the body is not separate or different from the mind, I can’t work on one without addressing the other.

Like people, Gracie is not immune to being traumatized. After the wasp incident she changed her habits. She no longer sat in the center of her web at night, but at the top near her hiding spot, with just two legs out to feel for insects. She did minimal repairs, and messes that normally wouldn’t last an hour went days un-attended. I sensed she now feared being a target when out on her web, whereas before it had been her unchallenged domain.

Being now inordinately obsessed with her well-being, I tuned into what would help her feel safe again (somewhat easy in her case: emphasize her ravenous, single-purpose instinct for eating insects) and did energy work there. The next day, she repaired her web back to full splendor, and spent the night in the center. She is now as far as I can see fully recovered mentally and physically, and I can take at least partial credit. Her uncomplicated instincts and purposeful drive to survive added more power to what I did and gets the most points.

All of this is to say, Body Insights readings are readings that actively heal. The words in a reading with me do the same energy work my hands do, tapping into where trauma is rooted and applying what’s needed for it to move. I have no guile in saying this, it’s simply true.

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