Simply put, it means being sensitive to energy that is present in the world. This means being able to hear guidance from non-linear beings that live in other dimensions, and acutely sense things going on in someone’s energy field. I go into more detail about what this awareness is like, the experience of giving psychic readings, and more in my blog, Notes from a Rational Psychic.
Yes. When I had my psychic awakening, I received a vision that each person has a unique and sacred gift to offer the world. I specialize in helping people understand what their gift is and how to successfully share it with others.

I offer specific guidance for every level of this, from figuring out what you want to do to establishing and growing a thriving business.

It’s more accurate to say I offer “money counseling”. There is an enforced sense of lack regarding this important energy in our society. This can create traumatic holding patterns for people, making it very difficult to function in right relationship with it.

Money works for people, not the other way around. I help people find firm foundation in this principle and benefit from the abundant nature of money.

Yes, reluctantly. I say reluctantly because free will is such a factor in what does or does not happen in our lives. Sometimes I will get a clear message about upcoming events, and I take this to be the most likely outcome based on the current situation. My understanding is if such a prediction comes through, it is only because it might be of use to you in the present moment to hear it.

Of future predictions I’ve channeled, perhaps 45% have come true, 20% have not, and 35% are still unknown, meaning they could happen but haven’t yet (rough estimates).

The emphasis of sessions is always your personal empowerment. Readings focus on the current lesson of your life, speaking to the higher meaning of deep issues, and offering clarity to help you make the best choices going forward.

I personally am very wary and avoid any psychic who promises to “tell your future”. The present is where you create your future. That’s what matters, and what readings with me focus on.

No. Occasionally I pick up on images that are strongly present in someone’s mind, but this is rare and doesn’t inform my work.
That won’t happen. Psychics are often portrayed in mainstream media as doom-sayers, coming forward to tell the hero horrible things that are about to happen. This isn’t the case in real life, and specifically not with me.

Psychic awareness is about being consciously open to messages from dimensions that know only love. Everything that comes through serves to help you heal old wounds and live the best possible life going forward.

If it serves, I may offer guidance for making peace with the nature of your mortality, but I’ve yet to tell anyone their “expiration date”, as it were.

Maybe. It is more likely I will help you understand and let go of any blocks in your life around love so that you can allow the right relationship to come forward.
No, although energy work is involved. I offer psychic readings, and because of the intuitive nature of my hands, I do healing work with the body on energetic and physical levels during the reading. I have years of training in different bodywork modalities, and have been attuned to the level of Reiki Master, so I draw on all of these during a session as best serves.
When I receive a reading for someone, I also receive messages about where this lives in their body and have a natural sense of how to work with them on a physical level to help release negative patterns. This is helped by the years of training I have had in bodywork, which includes earning my massage license in February 2005, studying Somatic Re-Education Therapy, and being attuned to Reiki Master.

In many ways becoming psychic felt like I was “catching up” to my hands. I am now able to consciously interpret the reasons behind their intuitive actions, working with people to integrate the psychic reading on a physical level.

To learn more about the form of bodywork I use during a session, click here.

Yes, in several forms. If you are interested in coming in for a reading, but are not comfortable with physical touch, I offer in-person psychic counseling sessions without bodywork.

Also available are readings over the phone and by e-mail.