What to expect in your first session:

After welcoming you warmly I will give you intake and consent to care forms to fill out. We will then together discuss what brings you in and what you are hoping to get out of your session. I may get intuitive impressions as we talk that I will share with you.

I will have you lay on your back on a massage table, wearing clothes that move easily and you are comfortable in. I will intuitively go to where I feel pulled by your body’s energy, and read what that part of the body is telling me. Bodywork and energy techniques will be applied as best suits your unique needs. I will always talk to you about what I’m doing and what I read, however sometimes talking will wait until after I’ve completed an adjustment. I will continue to move around the body, supporting connection, communication, and release within the nervous system until the session is complete.

At the end of the session, I will write down key notes for you to remember. This is important as the work often puts people in a trancelike state and it can be hard to retain information. I will also write down any recommended practices for you to continue the work on your own.

Follow-up sessions:

The first follow-up session is usually recommended two weeks after your initial appointment. This is enough time for the nervous system to integrate changes and for you to see results from the recommended practices. We can then go deeper, working on the next level of questions and concerns that arise as you begin to experience changes.

You will again leave with notes and recommended practices. Further sessions and their frequency will be determined by your needs.

Please note: In-Person sessions are currently available on Saturdays only. Virtual sessions may be scheduled Monday – Saturday.

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“Jewel is a true professional in this area. I’ve seen various “psychics/healers” over the years, and I can really feel the difference between Jewel and others. She is much more competent, truly discerning, grounded, honest with herself, and compassionate. Her reading with me felt like it was completely my own voice speaking back to me, I felt her truly getting out of the way, not letting her personal agenda or even her prior knowledge of me get in the way. Often healers will offer an exercise that I don’t always feel inclined to follow, but Jewel’s suggestions for a 20 minute a day practice, I’m already completely on board with and feeling the results. Jewel is a truly competent professional in a field where it is often difficult to initially track credentials.”
Kelley D.

“Jewel is a true psychic. She won’t tell you what you want to hear, nor will she predict your future. But, if you want more out of life and feel uncertain as to how to get there, she will tell you precisely what’s in your way and help you move it. She’s a brilliant gem of a person!”
Rinatta Paries, Relationships and Family Therapist

I was really amazed at not only by Jewel’s psychic ability but also how grounded, heart centered and interested she was in me regaining my own sovereignty. She helped me to work through some things, gave me an ongoing meditation and practice I could do and moved me towards regaining my own power. Jewel is amazingly gifted and I would recommend her to anyone.”
Ian F.

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