Body Insights readings name—and move—the things you can’t on your own.

I show exactly where and how you are caught, the precise exercises necessary to create movement, and step by step guidance in line with your unique nature to finally achieve your goals. 

What’s right for one person might not be right for another, which is why there is nothing formulaic about my service. I read your energy signature, and offer guidance that reflects in detail what your unconscious requires in order to move forward. For one person it might be free-writing for 15 minutes a day, for another it might be physical exercise, and still another it might be a specific meditation or energy building practice.

There is no fluff with my work. I name what’s really going on, what’s necessary to change it, and hold you accountable to your power.

My service is unique in that I work in combination with the body, actively shifting stagnant energy on physical and emotional levels during the session so you are not the same person when you leave as when you first walk in the door. 

You’ll leave energized, with a sense of accomplishment, and knowing exactly how to get where you want to go with confidence and ease.

stones-in-riverYou may have noticed:
I’m not your usual psychic.

My ability to state how I can and will help you is based on several factors.

First, I started as a licensed massage therapist trained in several bodywork modalities that were developed to address the mental and emotional needs behind physical discomfort.

This training allowed me a level of context for when I had an unexpected psychic awakening in January 2009. The awakening increased the level of accuracy and effectiveness of my insights so clients started to have much more dramatic and immediate results after just one or two sessions.

Knowing I needed more in order to fulfill my potential to help people, I found and continue to work with several teachers who still operate at a level beyond what my imagination can grasp. Thanks to them I’m now skilled in Mental and Emotional Mastery along with Internal Martial Arts/energy practices that get into the grit of how energy really works and the sacred art of manifestation.

Additionally, I am the author of 20 Tips to Make Life Easier; the upcoming books “The Dreamer’s Guide to Success”, and “Beyond Positive Thinking: How Manifestation Really Works.”

You will leave with:

  • A level of insight that cuts through over-thinking and imagination into what’s really going on, and what to do about it.
  • Specific tools catered to your individual needs. I don’t make suggestions based on formulas or rules but on what I know serves you specifically. For example, I might suggest hot yoga for one person working through a particular issue and art classes for someone else struggling with that same issue.
  • Feeling physically better, open, centered in yourself, and ready for whatever’s needed.
  • You don’t have to try to remember – I write out what’s important to take with you from the session and action steps so you don’t just feel better at the end, you are better!

But don’t just take my word for it:

“Sarah is a true professional in this area. I’ve seen various “psychics/healers” over the years, and I can really feel the difference between Sarah and others. She is much more competent, truly discerning, grounded, honest with herself, and compassionate. Her reading with me felt like it was completely my own voice speaking back to me, I felt her truly getting out of the way, not letting her personal agenda or even her prior knowledge of me get in the way. Often healers will offer an exercise that I don’t always feel inclined to follow, but Sarah’s suggestions for a 20 minute a day practice, I’m already completely on board with and feeling the results. Sarah is a truly competent professional in a field where it is often difficult to initially track credentials.”
Kelley D.

“Sarah is a true psychic. She won’t tell you what you want to hear, nor will she predict your future. But, if you want more out of life and feel uncertain as to how to get there, she will tell you precisely what’s in your way and help you move it. She’s a brilliant gem of a person!”
Rinatta Paries, Certified Relationships Coach

I was really amazed at not only by Sarah’s psychic ability but also how grounded, heart centered and interested she was in me regaining my own sovereignty. She helped me to work through some things, gave me an ongoing meditation and practice I could do and moved me towards regaining my own power. Sarah is amazingly gifted and I would recommend her to anyone.”
Ian F.

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If you recognize that this is something you need (which, if you’ve read this far, it probably is) then schedule your session now.

If it sounds like something you need and you bookmark this page for later, no matter how much you intend to come back, you’ll forget. It’s how we work. Forgetting means things will continue as they have, which could very likely lead to greater struggles as time applies stress to injury.

Paying for your session today—even if it’ll be a few weeks before you can come in—ensures you will gain the insight and healing you need to gain real traction for your goals.

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The longer you wait, the longer your life will continue as it’s been. If you’re okay with that, then by all means continue, but know that there is a loss of life force that comes with repeated failure. The more you expend your energy on things that don’t work, the less you have for what does.

P.S. A session with me can help you reclaim the energy you’ve already lost so you can be restored to your natural vibrancy. The sooner you come in to see me, the faster the process.

If you’re done expending great effort with little or no result, schedule today and let’s get you aligned with the precise, effortless practices that will translate what you know is possible into your daily experience.

The Full Mind/Body Revitalization Plan

For when you’re ready to go deeper:

The initial reading is a beginning step, outlining where you’re caught and what’s necessary to create the life you imagine. True change requires ongoing support to catch you wherever you start to fall.

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