Sarah Lambert massageAt a young age, I was drawn to doing healing work with my hands.  If someone nearby complained of physical pain, my palms would burn hot with a desire to help them.  I became known in my circle for giving “the best massages”, and this calling led me to earn my massage license in February, 2005.

In March 2007 I was introduced to a profound and unique form of bodywork called Somatic Re-education Therapy.  Developed by British Osteopath Arthur Lincoln Pauls in the 1970s, it works by listening.  If a shoulder is elevated from muscle tension, someone using this technique will raise the shoulder higher and apply pressure. This speaks to the unconscious holding pattern that keeps it in place, sending a signal through the nervous system to the brain that says, “Here’s what your shoulder is doing, is this what you want?”  The brain can then register this fact and self-correct in a way that is based on complete relaxation without pain.

There is no “fixing”.  Unlike the Deep Tissue methods I’ve been trained in, it does not dig into muscles with the premise that being tight is wrong.  Rather, it respects the tightening as serving a purpose beyond pain.  There is a reason your shoulders gather tension, on some level, they are responding to a need.

By actively listening to this need, Somatic Therapy addresses the cause and not the symptom of physical issues.  As a result, recovery time is often rapid and the effects long lasting.

When I first learned this technique, I watched a client who’d been in a car accident recover after two sessions.  Today I can cite examples of how it’s served cases of arthritis, recovery from surgery, and chronic pain.

I incorporate this form of bodywork in my readings today, due to its effectiveness and the continued intuition to facilitate healing with my hands.

If receiving this bodywork interests you, but the psychic reading element does not, I can either work with you or refer you to another practitioner.

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