Having been involved with a number of so-called “psychics”, I can tell you from multiple experiences with Jewel that she has some very special and remarkable gifts, insights and awareness most others proclaiming to have wish they did. I think you will like her matter of fact approach to giving you specific meaningful ideas that will instantaneously grant the receiver wonderful insight about what areas they can grow improve or remove obstacles in ones spiritual growth. She does this with loving care. What I especially appreciate about her is she won’t try to pretend she knows it all.

Tom Z.

I was really amazed at not only by Jewel’s psychic ability but also how grounded, heart centered and interested she was in me regaining my own sovereignty. She helped me to work through some things, gave me an ongoing meditation and practice I could do and moved me towards regaining my own power. Jewel is amazingly gifted and I would recommend her to anyone. Namaste.

Ian F.

Jewel is good at mixing a light hearted and honest assessment of what she is reading. I encourage everyone to go and enjoy what she can tell you about your purpose and/or personal growth.

Joel T.

Jewel is very insightful and helps me to identify the tension in my body and what it might be trying to tell me. Her abilities are real and very practical, helping me gain clarity and direction in my life. I am a regular client and rely on her readings to help me stay connected to my own intuition and my own sense of purpose. She can also have a light, humorous side and I appreciate that very much! Highly recommended!

Rebecca S.

Jewel is a true psychic. She won’t tell you what you want to hear, nor will she predict your future. But, if you want more out of life and feel uncertain as to how  to get there, she will tell you precisely what’s in your way and help you move it. She’s a brilliant gem of a person!


Jewel is a true professional in this area. I’ve also seen various “psychics/healers,” over the years, and I can really feel the difference between Jewel and others, she seems much more competent, truly discerning, grounded, honest with herself, and compassionate. Her reading with me felt like it was completely my own voice speaking back to me, I felt her truly getting out of the way, not letting her personal agenda or even her prior knowledge of me get in the way. Often healers will offer an exercise, that I don’t always feel inclined to follow, but Jewel’s suggestions for a 20 minute a day practice, I’m already completely on board with and feeling the results. Jewel is a truly competent professional in a field where it is often difficult to initially track credentials.

Kelley D.

I wasn’t looking for an intuitive body worker when I ran unexpectedly into Jewel Marin. What I found is more than a gifted healer. I found a woman of unusual intelligence, integrity, and not least, tenderness.  Working with Jewel has been a precise and powerful experience – one that I am deeply grateful for.

David SawyerCorporate Strategy Consultant

I’m so grateful to Jewel for sharing her remarkable insights with me. They have helped me to expand my awareness and achieve greater energy with emotional balance.  She’s helped me to feel more grounded. She was supportive, humorous, and trustworthy. I highly recommend her service.

Margy Dunn

I was wowed. Not just a little. She shared true insight into my character, why I’m hitting a road block in my goals, and where I was blocked energetically. She told me about a character trait I have that I don’t talk about with others.

I believe that Jewel is the real thing. She is sincere and doing
this good work for the right reason.

James Jennings, LMT #8262