It’s been a few months since my last newsletter. I became engulfed in raising small children which impacted my ability to offer valuable content each month.

However, something small changed and like a snowball down a mountain it’s become tremendous.

A few weeks ago my mentor gave me an assignment. “Create a character for your ‘magical self’, the intuitive you.”

I sat and meditated with it, and came to the name “Jewel” for her character. Sharing her with my teacher we discussed the significance of the name, which relates to hidden gems deep in the Earth. I continued to connect with her for my own development, but her character quickly expanded beyond any limits I originally intended.

Jewel is a bright light, a go-getter. She works with the occult but does not shy away from the spotlight. She looks like the above picture. The more I connected with her the more I found myself tuning in to my business on new and deeper levels. Big ideas became actionable, and suddenly I found the time for my business I thought no longer existed.

And I didn’t want to do it as Sarah anymore.

In discovering Jewel I uncovered a hidden level of myself, one that can take my purpose to the next level. Leading retreats, full-length classes, and more suddenly became an imperative (more announcements coming soon).

I realized she would need a last name, one that reflects the connection to the ocean I experience when attuned to her. The name Marin means “of the sea” and holds both the spiritual and practical essence of Jewel’s energy.

And so, Jewel Marin is the new face of Body Insights.

To celebrate I’m offering free 15 minute phone readings to the first ten people who respond to this article. This is a great opportunity to gain clarity on a situation that’s been bothering you, connect deeper to your own purpose, and turn the desire for change into actionable steps.

Come, celebrate with me.