Virtual sessions can be scheduled over the phone or on Zoom. After you book your session I will email you to determine your preference. After which I will either send you a Zoom link or call you at the agreed time.

What to expect:

It is recommended you wear comfortable clothes and are in a private area where you feel comfortable speaking.

During your session, we will discuss your concerns and I will offer intuitive guidance. Often these sessions feel like a conversation, though there may be extended pauses as I apply energy healing, supporting the nervous system to help it integrate changes as we talk.

Follow-up sessions:

The first follow-up session is usually recommended two weeks after your initial appointment. This is enough time for your nervous system to integrate changes and for you to see results from the recommended practices. We can then go deeper, working on the next level of questions and concerns that arise as you begin to experience changes.

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Having been involved with a number of so-called “psychics”, I can tell you from multiple experiences with Jewel that she has some very special and remarkable gifts, insights and awareness most others proclaiming to have wish they did. I think you will like her matter of fact approach to giving you specific meaningful ideas that will instantaneously grant the receiver wonderful insight about what areas they can grow improve or remove obstacles in ones spiritual growth. She does this with loving care. – Tom Z.

Check out the In Person page for further options.