Community Beyond Agreement

“Humanity is our ultimate community, and everyone plays a crucial role.”Unknown

I don’t like tomatoes. I never have, and will spit them out if I end up by some horrible accident eating one. This is different from other foods I don’t like the flavor of. I can handle wheat grass and algae

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Becoming Jewel Marin


It’s been a few months since my last newsletter. I became engulfed in raising small children which impacted my ability to offer valuable content each month.

However, something small changed and like a snowball down a mountain it’s become tremendous.

A few weeks ago my mentor gave me an assignment. “Create a character for your ‘magical self’,

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Opening a Locked Door

“Try to look at your weakness and convert it
into your strength. That’s success.”
Zig Ziglar
Several months ago I wrote a newsletter about the experience of failure, specifically describing my experiences with it in theater (Lessons of a Locked Door). In that article I promised to share the key to this particular locked door once I

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How to Talk So Your Emotions Can Hear You

“Unexpressed emotions never die.
They are buried alive and will come forth later in uglier ways.”
Sigmund Freud
There is a trap those of us who do a lot of self-work tend to fall into. After a few years we start to expect a lot from ourselves, and become impatient if old patterns come up or we

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“Suffering is not holding you. You are holding suffering.”
A few years ago I attended a 5 day retreat led by a spiritual teacher. The nature of the event was such that from the first day I felt bonded to the 89 other attendees, and by the end I had the visceral sensation that every

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An Untangled Life

“May I arrive at the perfect time.”
Jane Cudney (my grandmother)
I was recently running late for an appointment downtown. While driving I was first focused on time and traffic, my body tense with the effort of not being late.

Fortunately, this is Portland and it was rush hour, so I had time to rethink my strategy.

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Lessons of a Locked Door

“Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again,
this time more intelligently.” 
Henry Ford
I’ve wanted to be an actress for as long as I can remember. Theater specifically has been my first love and passion in a way nothing yet has been able to match. This is funny to say since when I had my psychic

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How Patterns Heal

“Two steps forward, one step back seems
to be the way a lot of progress goes.”
Jim Parsons
Several of my clients recently told me they’d achieved their goals. Their chronic issues had resolved and they no longer felt imprisoned by their patterns. I enthusiastically endorsed their success, and cautioned the work wasn’t over yet.

Sure enough, within a few

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“Let go and be free.”
Recently I dreamed an elderly Japanese man offered to do an energy clearing on my hands. In the dream I recognized I needed his help but didn’t want him to do it and refused. Events then led to me to taking a Qi Gong class from him during which I

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Perfect Timing

“To everything there is a season and a time
to every purpose under heaven.”
The weekend of January 23rd, 2009 I was in charge of the food for a black belt test in Pukulan, an intensive Indonesian martial art. The test lasted for 48 hours, and it was my job to provide meals for about 30

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