Much of what I teach I learned from the masters listed here. I remain their student and continue to study extensively under each of them. Consider this page the “source material” of my work.

Joey KleinJoey Klein, Institute of Transformational Studies
Joey is the first awakened teacher I personally met, and his influence has effected profound change in my and thousands of other people’s lives. Joey woke up early in life, after a rigorous period of self-discipline and study with remarkable teachers. His masters spanned ancient traditions east and west, in both spiritual and martial arts practices. Joey is a world champion martial artist, remains dedicated to his teachers, engages intensely in his own spiritual studies and trains regularly in martial arts.

The power of his teachings comes from his honed understanding of how the mind works. You can buy the highly recommended full programs for Mental, Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual Mastery here.


matt kahn and julie dittmarMatt Kahn, True Divine Nature
Matt offers the greatest presence of love I have ever encountered. There is a gentleness about how he teaches that is akin to air, penetrating deeply but so softly you simply integrate without resistance his teachings, the same as taking a breath. I recommend Matt the most for people who do not know they can be loved.



davidDavid Tircuit
David doesn’t have a website (the link provided here is through the school he teaches at). He doesn’t advertise, or as near as I can tell let anyone know he exists. Yet students like me have flocked to him for years and he has an overflowing practice. He is a Tai Chi Master and acupuncturist, and began his intensive studies at the age of 9. It’s not an exaggeration to say learning from him is like going to an equal parts physical and mental boot camp. I’ve written many a blog entry after his lessons.