By the start of January 2009 I’d grown accustomed to a rather uneventful life. Over four years I’d worked both with my own business and various other companies as a massage therapist. In March 2008 I began working at the airport giving chair massages three days a week, and that became the bulk of my income. It was an easy and remarkably fun “job” that left me feeling like I was on permanent vacation.

Of course, that isn’t the full story. I wasn’t happy. Something didn’t feel right. I didn’t like thinking of myself as a “massage therapist”, for I’d abandoned traditional Swedish massage long ago. I always wanted to correct people’s assumptions, but didn’t know how to correct them. Since my discovery of Somatic Therapy I was no longer satisfied with “typical” massage. I preferred to work on people through their clothing on a table. I liked to focus on energy work. I saw phenomenal results with the lightest touch.

However, Somatic Therapy didn’t fit right either. As great a technique as it is, simply describing its method never felt encompassing enough for my work. This is not to say I was better or worse than any other bodyworker, just different. I had this profound sense there was something I should be doing that I wasn’t.

In 2007 I received a psychic reading from Isis, a counsellor I’ve known and trusted for many years. She spoke of a healing method I’d brought into the world with my birth, one which I alone would develop and share. I was told to explore my intuition and not take any more bodywork classes. This sent me spiralling into more confusion. What did I know? What was I supposed to be doing? Everything felt off, and my career stagnated.

I couldn’t go forward with developing my business, because I didn’t know what I wanted to achieve with it. I couldn’t work for others because I didn’t believe in the Swedish/Deep Tissue methods in demand. Working at the airport was the best thing I could do, and it wasn’t quite right.

Then, the weekend of January 16th 2009 I attended a workshop put on by Isis. It was about getting in touch with your true Self, and after two days of a lot of nice experiences with no accompanying clarity, I started the third day near tears, begging to be told what I was supposed to do, what my big mysterious power was, if anything.

She told me to go and work on another member of the workshop. So I did.

I put my hands on her gently, as though to do a massage, and began to get ideas of things to say to her. I started to hold back, to say I didn’t know if this was really for her or about me, but Isis refused to let me express doubt. I had to go ahead and say what came to me, and it turned out to be a lot. I still didn’t quite believe any of it, but the woman I worked on seemed to benefit and she said my words made sense.

By the end of the day I was fully aware of my new identity as a psychic, and my ability to sense the stories being told in a human body. I suddenly got It, the big mystery, the thing inside I couldn’t quite grasp, that which had been struggling to come into awareness all my life. Ah, I could psychically intuit messages in bodies. That was enough.

Or so I thought.

The week that followed was filled with insomnia, diarrhea, complete absence of appetite, and psychic readings about everyone and everything my thoughts happened to turn to. My head felt like it had exploded into bright white light, and I came to the point of tears, just wanting it to stop. I didn’t have to touch someone to do a reading on them. I just had to think their name.

I learned this is actually the typical experience for psychic awakenings. During my state of crisis, I found many other psychics around me (that week I found three) who told me of their experiences. Mine actually seemed quite tame, by comparison. The crisis stage lasted about a week and a half for me, for others it lasted much longer, months even. In two weeks I was thinking, “okay, I’m still psychic, right?”

The answer, as I’ve been reminded over and over, is yes. Once opened to this awareness it never goes away, so I invite it forward. I allow this ability to guide my life and my career. I am a rational psychic coming forward with my own form of bodywork, one which speaks to and unravels limiting patterns of belief on mental, emotional, physical, and energetic levels.

I am thankful to all my friends who have shared in my journey, my family who seemed to expect it of me, and to all the people who find me, asking for this healing. It is what I was born for, uncharted and different as it is, and I am grateful beyond words for the opportunity to share.

Thank you.

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