“We are an impossibility in an impossible universe.”
― Ray Bradbury

A couple of years ago I was talking to a friend about our shared theories about enlightenment/God, the awakening consciousness of humanity, and my own unexplained psychic experiences. I half-jokingly said to him, “What do you do if it all turns out to be real?” A comment which has grown infamous in my mind.

I was originally going to ignore the spiritual/metaphysical community’s most popular topic of December 2012. I felt like any ideas I have about the whole matter were either already expressed by someone else or the insubstantial musings of a bored mind.


Yesterday was 12-12-12, which rumor has it begins a 10-day initiation cycle that culminates on December 21st, when humanity begins to shift into a new level of consciousness. In my efforts to remain grounded I’ve been very centered on not thinking about it and focusing instead on my direct internal experience.

Which has been intense.

Maybe you’re like me. You consider yourself practical, are open to the idea of a cosmic shift but really just want to live your life. You’re probably sensitive to energy in a way that’s hard to ignore, wear crystals, and practice yoga, but that’s just how it goes. You’re living a good rational life, and irrational things keep happening in it.

Like a date on the arbitrarily set Gregorian calendar fritzes your nervous system, makes it difficult if not impossible to concentrate, you lose your appetite, and your to-do list shrinks to the most essentials.

Or, if not quite that intense, you find yourself lethargic, reluctant to do things you normally enjoy, and you feel emotionally fragile or vulnerable. Casual events or comments from others seem to hit more deeply, and you’re easily hurt.

Perhaps it feels like somewhere inside there’s an open window, and things keep blowing in and through you. It doesn’t make sense, your calm is unnerved, but you imagine you’re okay.

The more sensitive you are to energy, the more intense your experience likely is. The object of this article is to acknowledge the truth of your experience – whatever it may be – and to offer support. Because sometimes certain ideas – however esoteric or strange they may sound – turn out to be real.

Below are my guidelines for self-care during this intense period of transition. They can also serve during any period of stress, emotional upheaval, or intense hardship. If more is needed – particularly physically as your body works to integrate these changes – I am available for personal sessions to help you develop a place of stability while receiving the benefits from this storm.

1. Breathe slowly and deeply, take the time to acknowledge how you are feeling both emotionally and physically, and let your thoughts relax. Be honest with yourself about your experience without trying to add to or subtract from it.

2. Acknowledge that you don’t know what’s happening, and it’s not your job to know. Focus on being present with your experience, and do not try to form conclusions about it. It is what it is, be present and trust the explanation to reveal itself as needed.

3. Limit the amount of time you spend with technology – computer, television, etc. These can be overstimulating for the nervous system and drain energy from your adrenals, creating an additional experience of stress. Go by what’s reasonable for you, but the less time you spend with technology during this period, the better.

4. Eat nourishing foods. Vegetables are the most recommended, followed by complete proteins. Healthy  foods that support your immune system are the most useful during this time. Think chicken or lentil soup. Limit sugar as much as possible.

5. Sleep. Let yourself sleep in if possible, and take naps as needed. The more you let your system rest, the more easily it integrates energy and more stable you become.

6. Engage in restorative mind/body activities. Now is the time for restorative yoga, qi gong or tai chi practice, and meditation. I recommend giving at least 20 minutes a day to an activity that centers and relaxes your nervous system. Think slow and gentle. Now is not the time for a heavy work-out.