For all the teachings on manifestation and inner alignment, the world is filled with examples of people who seemingly break all the rules and yet still succeed. Some of these people are agreeably “bad”: dictators, mass murderers, and unethical actors in general. These people often not only succeed, but can be very difficult to stop. Why?

On the spectrum of “good” people there are also plenty who succeed at high levels who struggle with depression, mental illness, drug addiction, and more. The average person can list multiple celebrities who are openly depressed, been in rehab, or even killed themselves. Again, why?

Why can some people break all the manifestation rules – take action from a negative mindset, focus on what they don’t want, be violent or harmful to themselves and others – and still have wildly successful careers and more?

This free talk will explain a “hidden” rule of manifestation, one that breaks down the energetic operations behind successful people and explains the discontinuity we often see between how people behave and what they achieve. Understanding it can be helpful for taking some of the pressure off yourself, and help re-frame how you approach manifestation in general so it feels lighter.

Join us on Zoom this Sunday, January 17th at 2pm and learn a deeper secret to manifestation, one most people don’t talk about.

To join us simply click the Zoom event link here Sunday 1/13 at 2pm.

If you’re interested but aren’t able to join us at the live event e-mail and a recording of the class will be sent to you.

Note: I will be teaching a deeper dive into the principles of manifestation, including the important role “low vibrations” play in it, in my 6 week class, How Manifestation Really Works. Learn more at