Living in a state of flow, that is being effortlessly present in the moment without worrying about the future or past, is an often idealized goal. What it actually looks like and how it is achieved is seldom understood.

This free half-hour talk will explore the state of flow in alignment with manifestation. What it looks and feels like to be “in flow”, and what you can do on a daily basis to bring yourself into it, no matter what is going on in your day.

Join us on Zoom this Sunday, May 16th at 12 pm and learn how to gently connect to the state of flow throughout your day.

To join us, simply click the Zoom event link here Sunday May 16th at 12pm.

If you’re interested but aren’t able to join us at the live event e-mail and a recording of the class will be sent to you.

Note: I am teaching a deeper dive into the principles of manifestation, including the important role “low vibrations” play in it, in my 6 week class, How Manifestation Really Works. Learn more at