Learn how to be truly nice to yourself. This seminar teaches the two statements that start to unravel your inner critic at the deepest level. You’ll leave with a lasting understanding of what’s really happening when your mind attacks, and how to respond so it no longer hurts you. Saturday, June 29th. 12:30-2:30pm

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Body Insights: Psychic readings that go deep.

Get under the surface of problems into what makes them change.

Your body is not separate from your mind. Daily experiences, emotions, and trauma live in the body as electro-chemical signals that carry messages through the nervous system. Shock and stress can slow down or “trap” these signals in the body, creating hot spots of physical pain that link to specific emotions or stories in your life.

These hot spots often coincide with “stuck points”: areas where things don’t flow as smoothly as you would like. This could manifest as difficulty connecting to a sense of purpose, feeling creatively blocked, struggling in personal relationships, and more.

My readings unpack these stories. By combining my training in bodywork and counseling with psychic insights, I address where pain is held in the body both consciously and unconsciously, and work with the nervous system to release the blockages that have created issues in your life.

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card.face"I was wowed. Not just a little. She shared true insight into my character, why I’m hitting a road block in my goals, and where I was blocked energetically. She told me about a character trait I have that I don’t talk about with others.

I believe that Jewel is the real thing. She is sincere and doing this good work for the right reason.”

- James Jennins, LMT #8262

Hi, I’m Jewel Marin. By the start of January 2009 I’d grown accustomed to a rather uneventful life. And then I had a psychic awakeningRead My Story

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